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yep so. as you know by now i am alive xD I posted those pictures of my new experiment girls! Anyway, just wanted to appologize for poofing like i did. honestly it was this one girl who wouldn't stop harassing me no matter how many times i asked her not to, that made me leave. she stressed me out SO MUCH. i blocked her but of course she came back on another account pretending to be her " friend " which i know is a load of shit for two reasons, 1 being they talk exactly the same, and in a very odd specific kind of way, and 2, cause i saw her admit it in a comment on her friend's profile page. lol... anyway, so that was one of the main reasons i didn't come back for so long. but also because i needed to start getting back into drawing for money. i run a patreon page, and when i first made this DA, I was in a depressive rut, and stopped working on patreon drawing my usual stuff, and i lost almost all my patrons. so i got back into that, and my regular art has improved TONS since then. So anyway thats basically why i left, so now im gonna tell ya how life has been since then c:
When i made this account, i met :iconribera: and he at first was a great friend, ( and still is <3 ) but we started dating a little over a year ago now, he's helped me a lot. there has been so many stressful family issues going on, which are personal so i'd rather not get into it lol.. but he was always there when i needed him. my mom's dogs have had a couple litters of puppies as well. ive been living with my mom since the previous june, around after i made this DA, i haven't been able to find a place to move to yet that i can afford and also lets me have my dog. ( who i am NOT giving up, thanks. )
last christmas i basically spent all my money on gifts for people xD it took me a long time to get money again, but when i did, me and :iconribera: decided to plan our very first visit! I went to see him July 15th :love: There were a couple stressful times, but all in all i had a great time with him, and so much fun :heart: ;)  we even got to spend our 1 year anniversary together! I brought him a cake from Canada >3>" i still can't believe they let me on the plane's with that hehe...
I stayed with him for 4 awesome weeks, and now im sitting here, missing him and having a hard time getting back into the habit of working x'D but im getting there c: the last couple weeks being home have been pretty bad, been really stressed and sad and over all depressed, though things have improved drastically in the last 2 days, which feels really nice. ;3;  so yeah, im not sure im gonna be posting a whole lot here anymore, i mean im sure i will from time to time, but working on my patreon is a full time job, i gotta dedicate many hours to the works i post there, so i dont have a lot of time to draw for myself anymore. If you're interested in seeing my other stuff, ( it's NSFW btw ) you can check out my page!…

in the mean time, im going to keep working hard to earn money and save up. I need more savings if i want to move out, and also I want to go back to Sweden sometime to see :iconribera: again, i think with the stress that happened there, we need another trip to make up for it. no rush, but it would be nice to see him again before next summer ( his work vacation time ) :heart: thanks for hangin' around guys! be see'n ya! :salute:
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